Polyphon Musikwerke
David Corkrum

In order to make a new tune disc, a master copy must first be created using an original disc.

All discs are created by hand using tin plated steel sheets.

Each disc is cut from the sheet and both sides are sanded to create a brushed finish

Then both surfaces are cleaned of any residual oils, dust, or metal filings.

The tune is then punched to create the new tune disc.

The tune title, disc number and composer are applied to the disc, which is then lacquered on both sides to protect both the lettering and the disc.

A disc made of chip board is cut for each disc to help protect the surface from scratches.

The order is then packaged and sent to the customer via Federal Express Ground.

International orders are shipped in a wood case via the U.S. Postal Service. Shipping costs are determined at the time the order is received, unless the customer has requested this information in advance.